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Regine H., Norway wrote:

"Being depressed can be a hard and lonely road. Most of us that get depressed don't like to bother people, and often 'suffer' in silence. This month I experienced a massive depression. Don't ask me why I was depressed, because I never know why. It just happens. There has been a lot happening the last few months and I think I just got very overwhelmed by it all. The book has really changed the way I think. It has helped me battle through my depression this time, making me realize things that I actually haven't thought about. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or both: I highly recommend reading Jennifer Lohr's book about depression and anxiety." 

Angela S., Tacoma, WA said:

"So well written and insightful. Thank you for making the mental struggle seem like I'm not alone." 

Kayla Shaw, Psychotherapist and Hypnolinguist had this to say:

"It's a raw and honest look at her life and how she made it out of the 'dark night of the soul'. If that's not a glimpse into human psychology, I don't know what is."                                                                       

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