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Consciousness, being, and lack thereof. This is what happens when we build back down to our core - welcome to my Vlog: Building Down with Jennifer Lohr. My vlog focuses on all things related to mental health because life happens and we do affect each other. 

This segment in particular highlights why news with a positive spin is good for our mental health and wellness.

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One thing I've learned is that we all have the power to heal ourselves

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Regine H., Norway wrote:

"Being depressed can be a hard and lonely road. Most of us that get depressed don't like to bother people, and often 'suffer' in silence. This month I experienced a massive depression. Don't ask me why I was depressed, because I never know why. It just happens. There has been a lot happening the last few months and I think I just got very overwhelmed by it all. The book has really changed the way I think. It has helped me battle through my depression this time, making me realize things that I actually haven't thought about. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or both: I highly recommend reading Jennifer Lohr's book about depression and anxiety." 

Angela S., Tacoma, WA said:

"So well written and insightful. Thank you for making the mental struggle seem like I'm not alone." 

Kayla Shaw, Psychotherapist and Hypnolinguist had this to say:

"It's a raw and honest look at her life and how she made it out of the 'dark night of the soul'. If that's not a glimpse into human psychology, I don't know what is."                                                                       

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What happens when we build back down to our core?

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